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i hate waiting

but i am waiting for my ride to these two appts that i have this AM and i am running off of two hours of sleep and (soon to be) two energy drinks, and i feel like fucking garbage.

At least the STLWX is nice here and i can enjoy the cool air coming in from the sliding glass door and take solace that it is going to be a nice day.

anyway, yeah. still waiting.

alright, so, hey

Tomorrow i have appts early af in the AM. Not looking forward to them. But they will be fine.

The weather is here (wish you were beautiful, LOLOLO), and i am fucking thrilled that Fall has finally arrived! Sliding glass door: OPEN!

Also, I am getting my Vietnam-era military combat boots Friday and I am also going to try to swing a trip to Wal Mart to get a new phone in that time, too. MY current phone is completely fucked/busted and will not make/receive phone calls, so I will get some cheap ass thing from Wally World, if i can.

Therapy Friday, too (i hope).

Other appts that need be made have not been made because of the aforementioned busted phone. Life is awks.

A Diatribe

I am horribly addicted to Twitter. I use it everyday. All day. And when I stay up late at night, i use it then, too.

Addiction, in my experience, is anything but sustainable. It is truly a very bad thing and I do not like being addicted to things. I am a recovering alcoholic, had an amphetamine addiction as a teenager, and have been addicted to a website (Newgrounds.com) before, and it basically ruined my quality of life. Truly devastating.

I genuinely *have to avoid Twitter.com. At all costs. The only way I know how to do that and still continue to use the Internet is to....well, there is the Catch 22. I can't use the Internet when I am going to stop using a Website I am addicted to because it is just too easy for me to just click on over to that Website.

I am going to have to leave the Internet. I am glad I have (or will have) a record collection for me to jam out to music with, and this is basically all i will need to avoid the WWW. This is what always gets me through. Music.

So it looks like this is going to be my last month on the Internet for a while. The record player + speakers are going to be ordered in the next few weeks and when that order is placed, I will get a feature phone and simply not have a smartphone and the chances of me holding onto the MacBook Air is not likely. I tether everything so I will just be...w/o 4G.


The Flaming Lips Xmas Album

...is the LP i decided to order tonight as soon as my Target refund came in. I ordered it and it will be arriving here sometime around Tuesday and when it does, I will open and behold my first real life vinyl I have had in six (6!) years!!! I am going to order a turntable on November 1, ask for speakers for my Xmas/Birthday combo gift ($99), and get the stand from the 'rents that i used to use for fruit and whatnot when I was living in downtown STL in a tiny apartment and use that for my record, turntable, speaker stand. I have a nice spot for it on the wall, ready to go! I am going to slowly build up all the stuff i want to make the sound system sound fucking great. Including: a bulb-type amplifier, an AudioTechnica receiver (as that is the brand of turntable i will be using), a dual tape deck (at some point), and other things to make stuff sound nice (better, thicker speaker wires, better turntable needle, etc.). I am starting off very slow though. But one thing I do want to jump into is going to The Thrifty Hanger and getting those 5-15 LPs to kickstart the collecky. The records are the star of the show and the hardware I use to play them will be more or less static, unchanged for long periods of time.

I also created an acct on ccvinyl.com (Collector's Choice Vinyl) and made a wishlist of albums I have to buy! I will be adding a SHITload more to the list, but started the wishlist with about 10 albums off the top of my head that i am obsessed with and always will be obsessed with.

Now I am a minimalist but god damn it, if I am not going to collect tattoos, then I am going to collect vinyl. Even in the damn “The Minimalists” documentary they talked about always holding onto the things that give you true value and a record collection would bring me HUGE amounts of value! It is also a sort of way of investing bc some of the LPs will only go up in value similar to the way that silver does. However you cannot do jack shit with silver except fucking look at it! LOL! So all of this is a good decision.

I have narrowed down my possessions to a very small number of things and a collecky is just what i need to be my “one-true-source-of-value” in my life. Make way for the important shit, right? Exactly!

So I am down w/ the clown when it comes to crate digging in the fucking $1 bins and finding tons of obscure shit that no one else wants because that is how you find new shit that i might end up liking later. Gotta be open to these types of things.

Anyway, i am v v v wired at the moment and i need to stop babbling. Back to Twitter!

Be back in a bit!

this is a boring night for twitter

speaking o f which the sync action did not work for twitter from this blog earlier and idk why that is???

anyway, i am listening to the High Fidelity Soundtrack to sort of pump myself up for my first record purchase since early-2012 and starting a journey to owning basically as many records as i care to look at.

gonna have a lot of them though

idk when i am going to The Thrifty Hanger to buy the big record purchase, but soon, i hope.

anyway, i am basically just babbling at this point because i have a lot of caffeine in my system and i have nothing better to do and twitter is god damn lame tonight. i hit 75K Tweets on there like some kind of lunatic and all that does is remind me that i spend way the fuck too much time on there. However, whenever i go offline, the only thing that brings me back to the WWW is the fact that i have no music to listen to offline. So if i have a halfway decent music (record) collection, then maybe that solves that problem? idk

be back in a bit!

Starting A Record Collection

Because why the fuck not? I already have a record chosen that I am going to order after I make a donation RAINN (sexual abuse survivor hotline). I found a record on “insounds.com” and it is called Air Casanova 70 and it is a Record Store Day exclusive (which i think makes it p cool) and it has a bad ass blue/white splatter pattern on the vinyl, itself. Comes in a clear sleeve. Now, I do not own a turntable, yet. But i have the AudioTechnica unit in my Amazon cart ($99 thing) + a set of $99 speakers + a $23 vinyl rack. I am not too worried about a stand (because the 'rents have tons of shit like that at their house I can borrow) and I am not too worried about having only one record to spin because I am going to make a trip to The Thrifty Hanger and see what kind of records they have for sale and buy like 20 of them (bc they are guaranteed to be super-cheap). I don't even give a fuck what records I buy, I just want a lot straight from the start! So, this is what I am doing and I am going to s.l.o.w.l.y. customize my records player set up as time goes by and s.l.o.w.l.y. build up my vinyl collection as times go by as well.

This is going to be a fun endeavor as I have v much so wanted to start a collection for quite a while. So...winning!

Anyway, the sun is going down and it is a v nice night for #STLWX and I am feeling p good. Twitter has all but slowed to a complete halt and the maority of the people who used to use it on a daily basis have vanished. I think the worse and worse the news gets across the United States, the more and more people just abandon that social network altogether because they like to avoid the news and...idk, watch SNL or some lame fucking shit. I never understood why people are quitters for things like that. I guess they do not have the stomach to face adversity on the Internet, which is very sad/pathetic.

Anyway, be back in a bit!

I've been ranting pretty good on Twitter

Probably because i am jacked to all hell on caffeine and thoroughly enjoying my punker playlist and plugging my “Anarcho-Socialism” Medium story everywhere I can (just twitter, really), and just enjoying life as much as i can right now. These are good times.

As for tomorrow, it will be a good time as well. I will be dog sitting. They are good dogs, too. Lol. And as for Sunday, I will be going to the 'rents for a bit. Monday, I have to make this appt which looks like I am not going to be able to make today bc i doubt this office is going to call me back this late in the afternoon. Oh well.

Appointment has to be made tho!

That's about it.

My life: Rules

So i went grocery shopping this AM and got hellllla good foodskee and that included a couple things of coffee + a couple six packs of soda and a bunch of other awesome stuff and to say that i am (caffeinated and) v happy right now is an understatement.

I have basically been ranting against YouTubers and about other random bullshit on Twitter all afternoon and morning and trying to make this stupid appt that is a week past due and wishing my sis a Happy B-Day and yada yada, and....yeah. Today is a great day!

I am also expecting a refund soon for the shoes i ordered from Target and then cancelled bc they said that shit wasn't going to arrive until the end of the month and that is totally unacceptable for me.

Tomorrow i am going to the (other) sister's house for dogsitting and i am going to watch hella horror movies that I have on “Tom's Folder” on Plex and also going to watch The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and a whole bunch of other Halloween specials from the 80s bc i want to relive my childhood a little bit.

I feel fucking great

be back in a bit!

Was asleep. Now I'm not.

I wasn't terribly tired to begin with, but after sleeping for about 4 hours, i am wide awake.

It is 12:06 AM and i head out of here at about 9:30 to go grocery shopping and i am v much so looking forward to it. I need more than a few things. The thing i need the most, is anything with caffeine in it. I have had barely any in two days. Today (or yesterday technically) consisted one one, big caffeine headache. Was not pleasant.

Anyway, not a whole hell of a lot going on. Just felt like writing a bit.

Be back soon

still have a caffeine headache

but i took two multivitamins so i am expecting it to go away

worked last time


also, i am going grocery shopping in the morning and when i do, i am going to get a soda. with caffeine in it

as for tonight, the neighbors above me are banging (around) and the neighbor below me is blaring country music and both neighbors are annoying as fuck

i got my jeans in the mails today (score!)

I also got my meds in the mail today (score, again!)

i am already feeling better as i finish this blog post


be back in a bit